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Quick Sales Tips and Tricks

Be yourself

Have you ever bought anything of anyone you didn't like?

People buy people, not companies so relax and just be yourself

Having a good Introduction/Elevator Story ready

This will help to give you confidence whenever you go into networking or face to face business meetings. Your introduction should only be around one minute and include who you are, what you do, your experience (if relevant) and what is the benefit of doing business you.

Ask questions, ask questions, ask questions

It's the only way you will know what your clients really want. When you know what they want you will know how you can help them.

Think about the benefits of your business and its products and services. What makes then unique or superior to your competitors?

Why do I need to buy your products or services? How will they make a difference to me?

Talk more about the benefits or the 'why' elements rather than the features so your clients understand why they would want them.

Know where to find new clients

Get out there and find your potential clients, don't wait for them to come to you. Networking is a good place to find clients and there are hundreds of groups around. Try BNI, Chamber of Commerce, and Women's Network Australia, Australian Institute of Management or type 'business networking' into Google.

Sales takes time

Increasing your confidence in sales and the ability to win new clients takes time, it isn't easy for everyone, so give yourself some time. Allocate some time each week to focus on building new sales.

Follow Up

One of the hardest elements of building a business is finding a constant stream of new clients. You have already done the hard work through networking, advertising or marketing so don't waste it. Make that follow up call now! The biggest complaint that people have in relation to sales is that no one ever followed them up.