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UnderArmor Hats - Perfect For Our Soldiers - Perfect For You

Are you looking for the most amazing UnderArmor hats? The warmth of these is proven and they're not even expensive. I can help you find these great hats (you'll thank me the entire winter:)

My Son the Soldier

When Seth joined the U.S. army I was proud but apprehensive (like any mother). When he was sent to the Middle--East I didn't know what I would do. So what does a mother do? I sent him chocolates and coffee (things he would miss) and an Under Armour Hood (what I thought he needed.)

What a success!! (The chocolates and coffee are long gone). He wears his hood everyday on 8 hour patrols in twenty degree weather. It keeps out the bitter cold and wind. It is comfortable for longtime wear.

His friends started borrowing it when he slept (they have shifts). Since then I have sent 12 more hoods to his unit. These soldiers can't get enough of them.

For Us Regular Civilians

After my success with my son (he even thanked me), I had to try one too so I bought two for use in the house (they're less than $25). I must admit they're not the most fashionable hat and certainly not "cool" for a teenager but it seems that the whole family is fighting over these two hats.

My husband tries to sneak one out of the house in the morning for his wait for the bus. My teenage son says it fits perfect under his football helmet. My girls, though embarrassed at first, seem to try to get one for their walk to school...

After all those years of hearing that keeping your extremities warm is the most important thing, I realize it is true. Your feet, your hands and your head are the most important things to keep warm.

These hoods are perfect for any outdoor activity - Sports, Bike rides, Jogs, Walks, Waiting for buses and of course Army patrol. It keeps your head warm as well as your neck and face. No more rosy red cheeks. No more ears so cold that they hurt. No more "drippy noses". None of those bulky scarves that always get in the way.

The under armor material keeps you warm while not getting sweat-soaked, which often happens when you are dressed warmly.